JUNE 29th - JULY 1st 

 To Learn( 2 ) FULL DAYS of Groundbreaking GROWTH & REVENUE Strategies That Can







 The Familiar Inner Storyline ? 

Most of the time, you don’t know your own strength and brilliance. You have become certain this at you “aren’t ready” to take on that next bigger role. You've become accustomed to the voices that say you aren’t qualified than to the proof that say you are. You are better and greater than you have given yourself credit for. 

BUT It's Time You START

There is a CALLING for you to PLAY BIG... letting go of any need for PERMISSION & Dependency in others to do your great thing. 

No More second-guessing 

You CAN create A Big Brand. You have believed in the possibilities of your BRAND and BUSINESS making bigger impact changing the lives of those it touch in a massive way, NOW is the time for you to accomplish that vision. 


No one is going to discover you. Well, actually, they will, but only after you do the work of boldly and consistently stepping into the front line leading with courage, sharing your voice loudly, and doing the things that ( scare you ) 

Follow Your VISION

It's risk-taking juice drinking time.

Go for the risk in you...feel yourself gasp for air and yes even welcome that throw up feeling you get when you are going for more; let the adrenalin start flowing within it will guide you. The inner critic storyline you'ved held onto really is false

This Is Your Game 

Play It BIG 

YES, it's real you have landed in that OPPORTUNITY to get answers.

Learn How to Play BIGGER 



INCOME and get REAL Results 


Breakthrough Small. LIMITS. Do The Work. GO BIG! 

  • Do you in need to make up the gap, because it's 6 months into the year and you do not desire to fail to achieve your goals this year
  • Are you in need of a Renewed self-confidence and courage to address setbacks in building your BRAND and Business
  • Do you need to re-frame your current strengths and cultivate further to GROW Bigger
  • Are you ready to gain greater insight and capacity to use Power and Influence in a way that fits your Brand values
  • Are you seeking to Increase connections with a group of like-minded professionals that can be a part of increasing your income through partnerships 
  • Do you desire more clarity on how to be at your best in telling your BRAND Story that creates Instant Impact
  • Ready to get the Strategies on how you are going to stand out

 Just imagine... 

  • Having a brand that’s perceived from day one that LOOKS LIKE A Solid SIX Figure Plus (even if it’s temporarily still a really small business) 
  • Having A MESSAGE THAT MAKES YOU FEEL SO CLEAR AND CONFIDENT that when someone asks you what you do you, you’re excited to tell them instead of fumbling over your words and feeling nervous EVERYTIME
  • Having a brand that HAS INFLUENCE 
  • Having a brand that’s READY TO MAKE THE FORTUNE 500 LIST ( that is what the GirlGoBeGreat Brand is going for ) MAYBE you're there 

  I could go on, but I think you get the picture…  





  High Achievers GIRL GO BIG Weekend 

Are you ready to stand out, look different and show up to make a difference. If your answer is YES! you will experience that really soon. With some VERY POWERFUL strategies Lori will unveil her MASTER systems she uses in her own business that will guide you in finding your BIG within and help you finally become synchronized with your BRAND and Business. You'll be able to optimize your efforts by efficiently leveraging a step by step approach that will more closely fit your needs. The "GIRL GO BIG" ACHIEVERS Weekend will allow you to learn strategies to Gain Visibility, Attract Clients, and Generate Revenue now

REAL Change is planned 

REAL Results are expected 


  • Energize You 
  • Help you accomplish your Bigger goals 
  • Maximize your Potential + Impact 
  • Connect you with A NEW Tribe of High Achievers 
  • Help you Generate Passive Income Producing Ideals
  •  Help you Produce New Revenue Streams
  • Add more Flow to your life
  • Open you to the endless new POSSIBILITIES going BIG offers 
  • Give you permission to leave the little ideals that overload your brain and keep you in a cycle of playing small alone forever and to never look back.
  • Help you Choose what REVENUE activites to FOCUS your time that offers BIG Results

Live Course Cost $625.00 

2 DAY Live Course Training Includes : 


 10 Keys to BIG GROWTH 

  •   Establish The Value ( CORE )  
  • BRAND Vision ( Know It Live It )  
  • Money Blueprint + Revenue Success  
  • Growth Planning that Matters - Strategic,Operational ( Hiring ) 
  • Creating Product and Services + Marketing That Sells BIG 
  • Sales Success
  • Customer Management to Fulfill your services  
  • New Opportunities using Speaking on Stage
  • Creating NEW Partners - Right Seats With Right People  
  • Ability To Execute
  •  Accountability
  • PLUS  
  • Exclusive Laser Coaching Hot Seat Session 
  • Bonus #1: Inner Work - Personal Development 
  • Bonus #2 : Content Creation ,Social Media , Email Marketing + Lead Magnets 


June 29th 8PM-10:30PM 

June 30th 10AM -10PM 

July 1st 9:30AM - 2PM  

SPECIAL GUEST(s) | Surprise ACTIVITIES Success Materials Provided 

Beautiful Ocean Location 

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort

 505 N Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 United States To Book sleeping room at a discount rate of plus tax please contact Jessical@loripelzer.com  

Full Detailed Weekend Schedule will be sent with your official welcome email once you register. 

Training Cost $625.00 Value $5000.00

SACRED safe space guarantee 

Lori offers a sacred, safe space for which you can learn. The cost of this Live Training is all you are obligated to purchase and even if there is an opportunity to work with Lori more closely you are under no obligation to do so and please do not feel pressured to do so. Lori does not create a high pressure sales room. This is a real training. We value you and value the integrity of this training. You can count on this training over delivering. 

Seats are limited to ( 20 ) women due to the high level nature of the training. This training will fill fast because it is power packed with information many pay $$$ thousdands of dollars to obtain. Get your seat without delay ACT Now. 

GO BIG Start Today

We're Cheering for you 

Order Summary
Girl Go Big Coaching


About the COACH! Lori has been in the CREATING space for nearly 20 years as a real estate entrepreneur of more than 15 years selling over 22 -30 milion in sales and a small business owner now nearly 20 years. The experience came through her deep passion to provide a product for those she served through her work that was not just common BUT that inspired. At age 29 Lori created her first ''BIG IDEA'' and eventally sold that IDEA to a corporate realestate brand. There lied another discovery..... 

Lori believes in going for GREAT in all her work. She realized if she wanted GREAT creations just like she envisioned it she had to CREATE IT! With that in mind, Lori knew there were so many women who needed to CREATE something bigger and position herself for REAL change. Outside of creating, Lori is a big fan of pageants, working on event decorations, and creating INCREDIBLE products that impress the people she is called to serve.

Today, Lori stands as a global leader in the making and an award-winning business lifestyle success coach who has used lessons learned from some of the industry’s leading coaches to pour into nearly 10,000 women over the past 5 years, that has catapulted her career as a success expert.

Lori has been featured on a variety of news outlets including WACH Fox News, NBC, CBS and various local affiliates. And beyond her wildest dreams, Lori has shared stages with the incredible Lisa Nichols, Dr. Jackie Walters and more than 200 other top-level women CEOs and instructors.  

You see, Lori creates from a deep place; she emerged from the depths of poverty as an 18-year-old single mother of two. Raised by a single mother in the projects, . As a little girl, sexually abused which left deep wounds of resentment in her heart. Yet, against all odds she stepped into greatness.  

 You have to believe in yourself and your innate gifts and ability to change the world. And you have to activate your superpowers to get the riches and fulfillment you so divinely deserve.  

 I challenge you to push past your self-imposed limitations to journey into your greatness.

I sought the expertise of Lori Pelzer because I was seeking a nudge, a cheerleader. I was very aware of what I wanted in my life, and it was very clear that I wanted MORE! Lori Pelzer is not only super professional; Lori's expertise in marketing and business strategies has proven to be an amazing experience. I am grateful! -Deitra Matthews