WHAT IS GIRL IT'S YOUR LIFE SUCCESS TOUR ? A Powerful Conversation Specific For Women Created by Women To Address The Growing "PINK Elephant" In The Room....... A Unfulfilled Life

There has never been a more important time to awaken for us as Women. Girl It's Your Life Success Tour is a 1 and 1.5 Day action-packed event designed to help REINVIGORATE your Life guiding you forward to Reclaim your VOICE, FOCUS and SUPERPOWER(S)  

The Girl It's Your Life Success Tour has traveled throughout 17 Cities across the United States with a final stop in beautiful Toronto Canada. Girl It's Your Life Success Experts will be live helping you UNPACK the answers and PRIORITIZE the right action steps guaranteed to Empower and Accelerate you.  

 Ramp Up your INNER GAME in just 1 Day. As a result of attending the Girl It's Your Life Success event you will take your Happiness, Health, Money, Business, Job, Prosperity & Consciousness to the Next Level. You will Discover powerful insights and techniques for creating radiant health, happiness, prosperity, peace and flow in your life and relationships. If you have BIG Desires for your life, and you’re ready to finally call them in… this event is for you.  


Lori Pelzer – Mom to a 30 and 29 year old, Grandmother to Maddy, Married to Melvin 24 Years. Lori is a Transformational Expert | Professional Speaker| Conference Host |TV Personality|Founder of GirlGoBeGreat Lifestyle Brand, and President/CEO of Be Inspired International, LLC a national transformation & success company. Lori retired, as an award-winning real estate broker|owner with 17 years of sales experience and over $22-30 million in sales as her sales history, Lori entrepreneur roots date back 20 years. In her 30's Lori was the first African American woman owned realestate firm to sell her firm to a national realestate chain then to start another 2 years later after she realized her passion ran deep.

And yet with all of these impressive accomplishments Lori has been no stranger to inner self-doubt. After saying yes to a deep process of healing she knew teaching other women how to heal her limiting beliefs and breakthrough to a greater life was her next BIG work. She is trained as an expert to help women breakthrough fears and self imposed limits.

Lori has that UNDENIABLE energy and because of her contagious energy and expertise she been featured on a variety of news outlets including Fox News, NBC, ABC,CBS and various local affiliates. And beyond her wildest dreams, Lori has shared stages with the incredible Lisa Nichols CEO of Motivating The Masses one of the worlds most requested Motivational Speakers, Dr. Jackie Walters from Bravo TV Married To Medicine and more than 200 other top-level women CEOs and instructors. What makes Lori an incredible woman is her Love for women success and her one in a million shot SUCCESS Story. 

  Girl It's Your Life Toronto Canada SHERATON CENTRE TORONTO HOTEL OCTOBER 26TH 7:30-9:30PM *Soiree' OCTOBER 27TH 10:AM -6:30PM













And at the CORE of everything You do and who You are comes down to your framework.

If you have a Vision for more in your life and you’re ready to bring it forward… this event is for you. 

It is that time we Shift our focus back to doing our real work.

Our greater work sits within us. 

Why we settle to Live Life in Limits vs EXPANSION.

The Dysfunction.

There is no REFUND or REWARD in this world for settling for something you don’t won’t.

It is at this moment you can LIVE On Your Own TERMS.

Once you give yourself Permission to have a Greater life and more Fulfilled a plan will reveal itself.  

A Channel Opens.

The Suggestion appears.

But you can’t keep the…  

"I gotta work in silence to make it happen” attitude.

You can’t hide in the shadows, afraid to come forward. 

 Put the POWER back in your life....  

You Can Do The Impossible. 

This is the kind of event that is set up to dive in deep with you to discover how to breakthrough the barriers that limit your highest potentials and create a "BIG You".

We make room for a litte fun and rah rah every girl likes fun...BUT remembering the real work will move you UP.


What would your money, personal life, work, business, spirtual life, key relationships, health and wellness look like if you had an opportunity to DEPROGRAM belifs that are not serving you AND Level Up.

Inside this room we are going to reveal the secret codes to living greater and achieving bigger success...


First, you'll decide where to channel your focus and energy. It all begins with A Focusing Question.  

Secondly, Ask Yourself: “What’s the ONE Thing that if - I could change it - would improve every area of my life" ? In order to answer that question, we must explore what we call your 7 "buckets" of Life and Life Traps.


  • Day -to- Day Clutter of Life [ nonstop errands, cooking, household chore, commute]
  • Battling through low Self Confidence and Self Value  
  • Current Physical Health and Self Care  
  • Feeling Embarrassed because of Messy Finances  
  • Lacking Clarity  
  • Lifetime of Inactivity  
  • Lacking Unconditional Supportive & Empowering Friends  
  • No Power around Personal Choices and Decisions 
  • Lacking Big Faith and Spirtual Power 
  • Painful Memories  
  • Dangerous Childhood Messages that have created a life of Limited Beliefs  
  • Job Satisfaction and Growth Opportunities  
  • Not Earning Enough as an Entrepreneur  
  • Current Family Situations that seem to happen to you 
  • Stress of Loneliness  
  • Feeling Trapped  
  • Self Sacrifice and Self Sabotage

UNLEASH Your Economic Potential & Power #GIRLPRENEUR is a woman who has created her own unique path to success, even when that path is windy and filled with ups and downs. She forged her own path creating everyday and disrupting the status quo. If you have a desire to learn specific, actionable advice that covers everything from overcoming self-doubt, to pursuing side-hustles, to crushing it at life and entrepreneurship. You should equipp yourself with the Inspiration and Fundamentals necessary by claiming your seat. ( Atlanta & Toronto Canada Only )

Are You 21 to 31? You Might Be a Millennial who needs to get her MONEY & CREDIT Reshaped. Meet Jessical MillennialGirlPreneur she has tools to start you in 1 DAY.


Charleston,SC 10|6|2018 

SpringHill Suites by Marriott Charleston Downtown/Riverview 98 Ripley Point Drive, Charleston, SC 29407  

Atlanta, GA 10|13|2018

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Atlanta - Galleria 2780 Windy Ridge Parkway, Atlanta Georgia 30339  

Toronto, Canada 10|26-27|2018

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel 123 Queen Street West, Toronto M5H 2M9 Canada  


October 26th [Friday] EXCLUSIVE Girl Meet You Soiree'  


Welcome with Lori Pelzer + Experts  

Explosive Entertainment with "Special Guest"  

Girl It'sYour Life Soiree' "Meet You" Session

Hot Appetizers  

Special GIYL Gifts  


October 27th [Saturday] High POWER Full Day Training  

9:00AM Registration  

10:00AM Kickstart with Lori Pelzer  

10:00AM-6:30PM Inspired and Powerful GIRL It's Your Life Success Full Day Training.  

1:00PM VIP Lunch with Special Guest Speaker  

All DAY Breaks All Attendees receive  

  • Coffee 
  • Tea  
  • Water

In Just 1 Day You Can Be On Your Way to a Completely Improved Life, One That Until Now You have SEARCHED for. Expect To Receive Cutting Edge Tips and Strategies for Life Improvement..Yes in Just 1 Day.

I really enjoyed myself with you ladies today on 4|4|18 I feel like I’m ready to jump out and start doing my thing, I wanna thank you ladies for all the tools. Cynthia M. #Girlitsyourlife  

On Jun 9, 2018 I attended my first seminar and I was not sure what to expect, but this was an amazing experience. Latoya A. #Girlitsyourlife  

I would highly recommend this seminar for women looking for their purpose in life. Lori and her colleagues will also teach you how to get there. Janice J. #Girlitsyourlife