Saying "YES AGAIN" to What is Really Possible ? 
Stirring up things within YOU is scary 
Opening up to it will bring you New POSSIBILITIES! 

"Lori has inspired me to dream again.  She has awakened in me dreams that were dormant inside and stirred up a passion to live the life I was meant to live.  Her passion to see women achieve and BE who they were created to be is contagious.  Lori will ignite a fire inside of you and equip you with practical tools to help you become "unstuck" and move positively in the direction of your dreams!"  -Sharon, Entrepreneur|Corporate Professional

Thought Provoking Questions:

Have You Been Feeling Something Is Holding You Back From GREATER Success ?

Who Do You Desire To BE in the World ?
What Do You Stand For  ?
What Do You Really Want ?
Why Do You Really Want This ?
Where Do You Want To Go ?
How Do You Plan To Get There ?
Have You established Your END Game Plan ?
What Has Your Last 5 Years Looked Like?
What Could Your Next 90 Days Look Like ?

What is POSSIBLE if you said "YES AGAIN" ?

I know these questions on the surface seem easy and you may have answered them many times over your lifespan. The hard TRUTH is they are not easy to answer for so many women I have served. They are ever changing when you change. CHANGE is a scary word for most women. I believe however after working with countless even hundreds of women we are BUILT for change and once you tap into the MAGIC of Transformation you come into realization it was always there within you! CHANGE will require sacrifice,you will be challenged to confront your fears, proactively move through your resistance, test your limits, create deadlines, act with boldness…and take massive action by simply giving  yourself permission to say YES and COMMIT Fully
to experience the success you desire & deserve. The Results you have will BLOW your mind. ~Lori 

I stand by thisWhat I Know About You is
You have everything YOU need inside !
You are Brave Enough ! 
You want Greater Success ! 

You Can !

Saying "YES AGAIN" to What is Really Possible ? 
Stirring up things within YOU is scary 
Opening up to it will bring you New POSSIBILITIES

It's NO accident you landed in my world where I serve and support women just like you
"Get Where You Want To BE" in your entrepreneurial endeavors, personal & professional journey. The goal is to say YES Again and Again moving you closer to where you want to be.

[ I Get You On The Other Side

The RESULTS... When you say "YES AGAIN"
You will no longer reject your Greatness you will feel fully the UNSTOPPABLE force beneath you.
You will have the COURAGE to Live & Lead  in your BRILLANCE.
You will gain the Knowledge awating to MOVE you forward to GREATER.
You will Accelerate your Peformance.


VIP DAYS 1: 1 Exclusive COACHING 

Lori is a high performance transformation expert |coach to women specifically designing her VIP Coaching for your unique needs. This is a HIGHLY successful way to build unbounded confidence, clarity and concepts around what you want to achieve in your entrepreneurial  or career and lifestyle space.  The strategy sessions with lori are bar none, you have the opportunity to create your next BIG Thing and go forward to your Next Level. Your results are specific to what you put in. What you can expect working with Lori in this exclusive high level space is acclerated growth and a peak to your performance + MORE Success.

Who chooses VIP Level Support ?

Women who know what she wants to accomplish.
Women who do not want to do it alone anymore.
Women who are seeking high level support to get it done.

Women who value speed and have no more time to waste.
Women who are seeking tremendous value and results.
Women who do not want long coaching support obligations.
Women who are ready to INVEST in her future.

Working one to one with Lori is putting yourself ahead of the curve 10 steps. Lori  is a current GLOBAL LEADER student studying at the highest level with Lisa Nichols the worlds most requested Motivational Speaker, as well as media personality and coporate CEO whose global platform has reached nearly 30 million people. Lori is an award winning Transformational Success Expert & Professional|Personal Development Coach. In this exclusive high level space Lori will help you acclerate your personal growth, cut the time span of which you would have got it resulting in achieving faster results. "It is said you only want a coach who is being coached".~unknown

===>> Are you seeking support around your current entrepreneurial work, career or lifestyle at a higher level?

===>> Are you seeking support to enhance & achieve a higher level of performance that will bring you more income and ease ? 

===>> Are you ready for faster results that meet your goals and ACCELERATE Now maybe tripling your income ?

Lori VIP DAY waitlist is OPEN and accepting clients. How can Lori serve you in this moment?
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Seeking Bigger Personal and or Professional Breakthrough ? 
Are You Ready to beat who you were yesterday…and enjoy what it feels like to experience one breakthrough after another having more Growth & Accomplishments than ever before! Incredible Results await you.
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Lori is the host for the last 5 years of Girl Go Be Great International Success Conference and Girl It's Your Life Success Tour traveling to a city near you. 

Lori is a sought out Inspirational | Transformational Speaker, and has taught on stages with names such as Lisa Nichols, Dr. Jackie Walters, 200 + Top Level Industry CEO Women Leaders & Teachers
. Lori has spoke to audiences reaching nearly 10,000+ women in the last 5 years. If  you desire a new teaching and inspirational style that leaves your audience in a WOW state that gives for change and RAVES Reviews of your event. You want to book Lori.

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Praise for Lori's Work
Have you ever heard someone talk about their life story and it just moves you and make you want to just be in that persons space to feel the grace that's in their life? I know it sounds crazy but that's what I experienced while attending a Women's Inspirational meeting where Lori Pelzer was the speaker. The things that she talked about really had a connection. I was a woman trying to find my next step and figuring out how I can be "HER" the woman she shared I could be. So by taking some of the advice that she gave I set out on my journey to be "HER". I found myself leaving the meeting and heading straight to Barnes and Noble to look for the books that she talked about reading. I also took her advice and began to perfect my craft! I'm on a journey to become a successful wedding/event planner and I began to live, breathe, and sleep wedding and events! By doing this it instantly began to change me and my vision to becoming "HER" became more and more clear. Even after doing all of that I still felt the urge to go deeper and really find out how I can become the woman I want to be .I signed up for a consultation via phone with Lori. All I can say about that call is WOW!!!! That call was soooo powerful and exactly what I needed to seal my package.
  Meeting Mrs. Lori Pelzer has been more than a pleasure but also a blessing.
I'm thankful but more excited about her as my Success Coach! - Jasemine S.


I had a wonderful time at today's lunch and especially enjoyed Lori Pelzer's compelling talk and contagious energy.  -Kacie Atkinson, Ingram  Career Confidence & Leadership Coach SC

In June, I started Lori's Bootcamp and my life changed drastically. As a result of taking the class, Lori helped to identify the core of who I was. Additionally, Lori coached me to my next level. -Rebecca H., Preparing Educators to Succeed



I attended Lori's Women Success Conference and I didnt know what to expect but it was exactly what I needed, I invested in her bootcamp and gained more than I could imagine and decided to go all in to hire her as my 1 to1 VIP Coach. Lori helped pull out things I never thought were there in me and as a result I tripled my income in my health coaching business! -Dr. Michele Reid, Your Get Well Coach

I sought the expertise of Lori Pelzer because I was seeking a nudge, a cheerleader. I was very aware of what I wanted in my life, and it was very clear that I wanted MORE! Lori Pelzer is not only super professional; but, she's become a friend who TRULY believes in my dreams - the kind of dreams that are in FULL color! Seeking - no craving Lori's expertise in marketing and business strategies has proven to be an amazing experience. I am grateful! -Deitra Matthews